Getting in Shape has never been so much fun!

Shape Up can meet all of your workout needs in a welcoming, friendly, and exclusive private gym.
No longer do you have to worry about working out in front of other people, waiting for equipment,
the inconvenience and potential embarrassment of a crowded environment!
Choose the fitness approach that fits you best.

Personal Training

With the help of a highly qualified Personal Trainer, have a customized workout program designed according to your very specific needs. Takes into consideration your current health status, your physical, mental and emotional limitations, and assists you in working towards your goals. Enjoy working out in the luxurious, private setting of Shape Up’s facility. Make your workouts a pleasure instead of a chore.

Small Group Personal Fitness Training

Have you always wanted a Personal Trainer but considered it to be out of your price range?  Then maybe this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!  Working out with a small group allows your trainer to customize each workout to your specific health and fitness goals.  A great way to push through plateaus, reach new goals and learn more about the correct ways to be exercising. All at very affordable rates.

HIIT FIT - High Intensity Interval Training

If you prefer to work out in a group, then come and try the High Intensity Interval Training .  Work on your cardiovascular, fitness, strength, endurance and flexibility and have fun doing it.  A great way to meet new people!

Try a free trial night with absolutely no obligation to sign up. What have you got to lose?

Your personal trainer will come to you!

Finding time to squeeze-in visits to the gym is difficult for a lot of people.  No need to travel to the gym anymore!  Shape-Up travels to you with mobile equipment and new exercises that show you how easy it is to workout without a lot of complicated equipment.

Kids / Parents HIIT FIT Classes

Coming Soon!  How often do you find yourself standing around, doing nothing, waiting for the kids to finish their activities? Make better use of that time and be working out together with your kids.  Set them a great example while getting fitter as a family in the process.


Being healthy is not only about exercise, ‘We are what we eat’, is an integral part of the Shape Up strategy. Using your health indicators along with your nutritional analysis we can create a menu plan to help you achieve your goals.