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Client Testimonials

After giving birth to my daughter, I seriously needed to lose weight and get back into shape. I tried to exercise on my own for a few months but didn’t have much success. That’s when I decided to start working with Caroline. She is a very professional trainer who is fully committed to help her customers achieve their goals. Her passion about nutrition and fitness is contagious! It makes you want to push your limits and develop better eating habits, even though  it is challenging … I don’t know how I could have reached the fitness level I have in such a short period of time. I really enjoy my training sessions with her and after working with other trainers at other facilities, I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed with Caroline. She is truly an outstanding trainer!

Starting Shape-Up has been one of the best decisions of my life. The classes are so much fun but the best part is how extremely rewarding they are. The difference in the way I feel about myself now in comparison to when I started 2 years ago is night and day, I am healthier and more confident, and in much better physical shape.  Our trainer, Caroline, is truly an inspiration. She helps you every step of the way, no matter what your goals are. She is extremely motivating and full of the joys of life. I highly recommend coming out to a class and see what you’ve been missing, but more importantly what you can gain!

As a 46 year old man that has always been physically fit and in shape his entire life I went from playing competitive sports to lounging on the couch in my latter years, I found the pounds much easier to put on then take off. My wife constantly encouraged me to come out to bootcamp, but I found my ego getting the best of me. However, from taking my first step in the first class to many steps each and every week, Caroline has been nothing but an incredible leader, motivater and educator in getting my mind, body and spirit back in shape. The camaraderie and workout environment with my fellow bootcamp members has been nothing but rewarding and something I look forward to every week. Caroline’s ability to understand each and every one of our strengths and abilities and motivate us all at our own pace is remarkable. I highly recommend Shape-Up bootcamp to anyone at every fitness level. Thank you Caroline!

Caroline exemplifies everything you could ask for in a trainer. I’m so happy with the results. It has been a very long time since I have felt this good about myself every single morning!!

Caroline…I have to say…your workouts are awesome. I actually hate them (lol) while I am there – you put together all of my least favourite things to do which is AWESOME because I would never have the internal fortitude to do them. I just feel so much better – stronger, firmer…I’m all good. Oh, and my husband could not help but remark how great my butt looks after only a few short weeks…lol…men…thanks loads for everything.

I have been working out with Shape-up for 5 months now. Initially, Caroline helped me establish my fitness and weight loss goals and then developed a fun and challenging exercise program to achieve a new level of fitness. Every week she motivates me to complete exercises I would never have achieved independently. She also reviewed my diet and pointed out ways in which I could improve my health and achieve my desired weight. Thanks to her, I have achieved a level of fitness I have not experienced in over 5 years and I am enjoying the weight loss I have wanted since I became a mother of two!

We are extremely satisfied with the service and dedication provided by Caroline with respect to our workout plans. Both of us have different needs and different health conditions so Caroline developed a unique workout designed to reach our individual goals. Caroline consulted each of us multiple times in order to ensure she had a full picture of our background and capabilities before starting the first workout session. As part of the physical training, Caroline also provided great detail on nutrition and how to meal plan based on caloric intake in order to achieve specific weight loss goals within a specified period of time. She also went one step further and began designing weekly meal plans and providing the recipes needed to make each of the meals. We never expected such a thorough strategy to reach our goals, nor the ongoing coaching and encouragement that helped motivate us to stay on track. We are thrilled with everything provided and highly recommend Caroline to anyone else looking to achieve a new fitness goal.

Caroline is very knowledgeable in her craft, caring and devoted to making you reach your best possible results. She makes me believe in myself and having her as a trainer makes me want to strive to be better. Caroline knows how to make me reach my full potential and she makes sure that I benefit from every training session with her. Simply put, Caroline has made me love working out while I didn’t think I would ever get to that point!

At 65, I am probably one of Caroline’s older clients, and I was very hesitant about starting with a personal trainer. But she soon allayed my fears. She is so easy to get on with and has a great sense of humour. She has made getting fit ‘fun’! Her knowledge about everything to do with health and fitness, combined with the fact that she was a trained nurse, made me feel much more comfortable with certain health issues. I decided to try working out with a Personal trainer as I wanted to give running a try. I have always tried to keep fit with swimming and walking but always worried I was too old to take up running!!. I bought a good pair of running shoes, as recommended by Caroline, and put myself in her capable hands. She was so encouraging but never made me feel disheartened, even when I thought I wasn’t progressing well enough. And, much to my amazement (and probably Caroline’s), I was able to complete the Terry Fox 10k run last August. I felt it was such a fine achievement. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone who is considering a personal trainer. And working out in a Private gym is such a luxury, I hope never to have to go back to a more crowded, less informal, public facility!

I have just finished my first shape-up boot camp and can’t wait for the next one to start!!  Caroline kept us all  going, with an endless variety of exercises, while still  keeping it fun. I will recommend the shape-up boot camp to all of my friends, regardless of their fitness level.

I started Shape-up Personal Training Fall 2014, as recommended by my physio, following a minor neck injury. Very early on we both noticed an improvement in my neck and over-all strength, so much so that my physio even commented “nice pecs”! Caroline also suggested I take up running, and I was surprised that with her careful coaching I actually began to enjoy it. In September 2015 I was thrilled to be able to join the Shape Up Team and complete my first ever 5km run. And was thrilled , to join The Shape Up in completing the Terry Fox run, September 2015.

Caroline’s approach of gentle encouragement combined with challenging workouts has helped me to develop overall body strength. I have body confidence that I haven’t had for 25 years, especially important after my divorce. I have increased muscle definition, energy and stamina and have met the goals of improving my balance, posture and core strength. And my boobs no longer sag! At age 42 I now consider myself an athletic person for the first time in my life, My body craves exercise and the good feeling that comes after a good workout with Caroline!