Personal Training / Small Group Personal Training

Why choose a personal trainer?

To Educate

Where to start? How to do it right? What are realistic goals? These stumbling blocks may be stopping you from getting going. We can demystify these “blocks”, and your goals can become a reality!

To Reduce Injury Risk!

Learn the “correct” way to exercise, set realistic and attainable goals that will lead you to success rather than disappointment!

Sports Specific Goal

Want to learn to run, but don’t know where to begin? Need to be in better shape for an active vacation? Would like to take up a new sport? We can provide you with the knowledge and know how to get there.

To Lose Weight

96% of all weight loss attempts fail.
Over 70% of North Americans are now overweight.
We gain back a heartbreaking 95% of the pounds we lose.
We’ll help you get beyond all the conflicting information regarding nutrition and exercise, and help you to make good choices an integral part of your day.

To Motivate

Providing structure and accountability with a variety of techniques to keep you keen, prevent boredom and have you coming back for more!

Your Personal Fitness trainer will come to you!

Finding time to squeeze-in visits to the gym is difficult for a lot of people.  No need to travel to the gym anymore!  Shape-Up travels to you with mobile equipment and new exercises that show you how easy it is to workout without a lot of complicated equipment.


Come to Shape Up’s Private and Exclusive gym. Conveniently located in the heart of Greely, you can enjoy the luxury of ‘no crowds and no waiting,’ as the session runs with only one or two at a time.

The ‘Shape Up’ goal is to provide you with a fun, relaxed environment in which working out can actually become a pleasure rather than a chore. In addition you will also be learning that through some simple modifications healthy choices regarding your diet and exercises can be easily incorporated in to any busy lifestyle.


Some reasons why this might be just what you are looking for.

  • You have thought about having a Personal Fitness trainer but felt it would be out of your price range.
  • In spite of working out and exercising for a while you are still failing to achieve what you want to be achieving.
  • You have some very specific goals and expectations, but do not know what is the way in which to achieve them?

Small group training (maximum number of 6 per group) provides a customized workout at a budget friendly price point. Get your own group of friends together or see what groups are currently offered by SHAPE UP.

How to Get Started

Once you have made the decision that one of the above options works for you we will book your Initial Assessment. The purpose of this is to ensure the workouts are specifically designed to accommodate your current level of health and Fitness. It requires some data collection (from the forms on the right), and baseline fitness testing which includes:

  • A detailed health and life style profile
  • A complete weight analysis, including body mass index, fat and muscle percentages and a recommendation of ideal daily caloric intake.
  • Baseline body measurements
  • A Cardio respiratory assessment using heart rate monitoring and perceived rate of exertion to providing an indication of ideal level of exertion to maximize weight loss and other benefits of cardio.
  • Some endurance assessment
  • Flexibility analysis
  • Basic (* Extended) nutritional assessment

* This can be requested as a separate session.

The assessment lasts 90 – 120 mins

Small Group Assessments are slightly shorter, and will be done one at a time. A program will then be designed to accommodate both your individual needs and those of the group.

Personal Fitness Training Forms

You can save the PDF forms to your computer by right-clicking on the link. Make sure you save a copy of your information.

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

Terms and Conditions

Waiver Form

Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire