We are what we eat


Being healthy is not only about exercise, ‘We are what we eat’, is an integral part of the Shape-Up strategy.

Shape-Up uses your health indicators along with your nutritional analysis to design a customized menu plan to help you achieve your goal.

Shape-Up will teach you some very realistic nutritional modifications that can lead to dramatic improvements in your health.

Basic Nutritional Analysis

Upon completion of a few simple forms you will receive the necessary feed back to start making some healthy changes to your current diet. Your Body Mass Index (BMI), muscle and fat mass percentages will be used to help calculate if any weight loss or gain is required. Your recommended daily caloric intake will then be calculated and you will be provided with some necessary tools and information with which to begin this process.

Extended Nutritional Analysis

In addition to the above information you also will be required to start recording your daily intakes (for a minimum of 7 consecutive days). From this you will then be provided with a more complex written report, identifying specific strengths, weakness and any areas that should be cause for concern in your current diet. You will then be provided with specific ways in which you can improve your eating habits, and you will be provided with a selection of healthy recipes selected to cater to your current strengths, and compensate for any identified weaknesses.

Menu Planning

This also requires you to complete a 7-day food diary, alongside some additional assessment in order that the current eating habits/ likes dislikes /sensitivities etc can be taken in to consideration. The subsequent menu plan can be devised very specifically for you and yours!

High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Raised Cholesterol Levels?

Any of these health problems can lead to major complications down the road if not dealt with immediately. Often, the first line of treatment is medication, which, in itself, can lead to additional health problems. Very often, a few simple dietary modifications can have a huge impact on all of these conditions, and more. With many years of nursing experience, combined with more recent nutritional certifications, Caroline is able to work with you on an educational process that can help deal with these issue, and more, through some relatively ‘painless’ alterations to your daily intake.