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Who's got your back?

Who’s Got Your Back?

Caroline portraitIt was Caroline’s passion for Health and Fitness that originally led her to becoming a nurse. She worked in the Critical Care area for 12 years. A course in Health Promotion led to a change in focus, and combining both her passions, she became a Personal Fitness Trainer.

Not wanting to completely lose her nursing skills, she was happy to find that as a Personal Trainer she is regularly required to help solve minor health ailments that may have previously caused insurmountable barriers to shaping up. Who does not have the odd health niggles or concerns? Being able to assess her clients in regards to these issues, and devise a suitable fitness regime has been an integral part of her success.

Caroline truly loves exercise and keeping in shape and the benefits speak for themselves! With her knowledge and experience she hopes to share these skills, facilitating you in doing the same. All the while, making sure that you have fun, and enjoy the process, as well as the results!

Additional Qualifications

  • Certification in Sports Nutrition 100% 100%
  • Certification in Pre and Post Natal Fitness 100% 100%
  • Certification in Fitness Kickboxing 100% 100%
  • Client Happiness 100% 100%

Certification in Sports Nutrition

Qualified to provide:

  • In depth nutritional counselling
  • Menu planning
  • Generalized healthy eating recommendations

‘WE ARE WHAT WE EAT’ is an integral part of the Shape-Up strategy. Good nutrition is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and for that reason it is integrated in to all of the Shape Up programs, either as an informal discussion, through regular Facebook postings, or direct e-mail communication. More in-depth sessions are also available upon request if you need to focus on your dietary lifestyle.

Certification in Pre & Post Natal Fitness

As a mother of two, Caroline exercised throughout both pregnancies, thriving and loving every minute of them. She fully believes that this is the way forward, and most health professionals are also finally catching up with this philosophy! In combination with a certification in Pre and Postnatal fitness, she loves guiding any mums/ hope to become mums through the process of maintaining or re-gaining their pre-pregnancy bodies. It is an area that should not be under-estimated, and what better time to begin the life long process of ensuring good health and nutrition than in-utero.

Certification in Fitness Kickboxing

With the additional certification of Fitness Kickboxing instructor there are now courses available specifically for Fitness Kickboxing. However, due to its popularity it has also been integrated into many other Shape Up sessions.

What better way to relieve the day-to-day stresses than to throw a few kicks and punches!