Benefits of our programs

To Educate

Where to start? How to do it right? What are realistic goals? These stumbling blocks may be stopping you from getting going. We can demystify these “blocks”, and your goals can become a reality!

To Reduce Injury Risk

Learn the “correct” way to exercise, set realistic and attainable goals that will lead you to success rather than disappointment!

Sports Specific Goal

Want to learn to run, but don’t know where to begin? Need to be in better shape for an active vacation? Would like to take up a new sport? We can provide you with the knowledge and know how to get there.

To Lose Weight

96% of all weight loss attempts fail. Over 70% of North Americans are now overweight. We gain back a heartbreaking 95% of the pounds we lose. We’ll help you get beyond all the conflicting information regarding nutrition and exercise, and help you to make good choices an integral part of your day.

To Motivate

Providing structure and accountability with a variety of techniques to keep you keen, prevent boredom and have you coming back for more!